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Brescia and Garda Prealps

There are 751 named mountains in the Brescia and Garda Prealps. Famous Ultra Monte Baldo shaping eastern flank of Garda Lake is the most prominent of them, yet not the highest one. It is only the third after Punta Setteventi and Monte Cadria.

The range consists of two parts: the Brescia Prealps and the Garda Prealps. While the biggest Italian lake Garda doesn’t need any introduction, the Brescia part is often overshadowed by such a noble neighbour. Also, the close vicinity of A22 leading to Brenner Pass and the border with Austria guarantees easier access to Garda Lake and its mountains. Don’t fall into this trap about Lake Iseo. Rest assured this lake in the province of Brescia and its mountains have much to offer, including majestic vistas, spectacular views and delicious cuisine.


Major Trails and Hiking Areas

The Garda Prealps trails:

  • Monte Baldo is a huge massif. A day long ridge trail high above Garda Lake makes one feel as if watching a panoramic movie during the whole journey. Typically the itinerary contains these summits (from north to south): Monte Altissimo di Nago, Cima delle Pozzette, the highest peak of Monte Baldo - Cima Valdritta, and Cima Telegrafo. Alternatively, you could start from a cable car top station not far from Cima Valdritta and do just a section of the ridge trail.
  • Riva del Garda is a tiny town at the northern tip of Garda lake immersed into epic scenery. A famous long distance trail “Sentiero della Pace” (Peace Trail) goes through the town. A 30 minute uphill walk from the town center brings you to the Bastione - a panoramic viewpoint and a bar in the place of former fortifications. In fact, old fortifications are all over the region, they remind of world war time struggles. Small yet very recognizable Monte Brione looks like a wedge of a large cheese head put on its side. It hosts several fortifications and could be walked to from the town as well.
  • Monte Misone and Monte Stivo are two prominent mountains in the northern part of the Garda Prealps allowing scenic views of the lakes and hundreds of mountains around.
  • Monte Cogorna - Monte Cadria is an all-day high-altitude ridge trail.
  • Monte Bondone (Monte Cornetto) is Trento’s very own Ultra mountain. There are just two of them in the Brescia and Garda Prealps.

Riva del Garda

The Brescia Prealps trails:

  • Numerous trails to Monte Guglielmo allow panoramic views of Lake Iseo with the largest lake island in Italy.
  • Long high-altitude ridge trail to the highest point of the Brescia and Garda Prealps - Punta Setteventi. There are many options available, one of them is to go through Monte Colombine and Monte Crestoso.

Cable Cars and Cog Railways

Major Cities and Resorts

There are many touristic cities in the area, here are just several of them

  • Trento is an educational, scientific, financial and political centre in Trentino-Alto Adige and is one of the finest alpine cities. As many old cities, it enjoys its own medieval landmark - Castle Buonconsiglio, the former residence of the prince-bishops of Trento from the 13th century to the end of the 18th century. It is enclosed by walls and positioned slightly higher than the city. If you are an art lover, see the extensive cycle of frescoes (the "Cycle of the Months" is the most famous) decorating the interior walls of the castle, they were made mainly from the late Middle Ages to the Renaissance period.
  • Brescia is a large city. It was founded over 3,200 years agoю Brescia has been an important regional centre since the pre-Roman times. Its Old Town contains the best preserved Roman public buildings in northern Italy and numerous monuments. Some of them are the Medieval Castle Buonconsiglio, the Old and New Cathedral, the Renaissance Piazza della Loggia and the rationalist Piazza della Vittoria.
  • Riva del Garda, Italy is a convenient lakeside resort for those interested in the Dolomites and the Southern Rhaetian Alps.

Monte Baldo, Lake Garda

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