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The latest version of PeakVisor for iOS features parking areas and viewpoints. These two types of map features are exceptionally important for planning and navigation. It took some effort to collect information about them. In fact, there are more than 3 million objects all over the world, which is 3 times as many as the named mountains! Another challenge was to present this overwhelming information in a convenient way without making the map messy.

Luckily, everything works now and with the most recent release you can enjoy all these data. We also found a lot of useful insights which we are going to share. Let's start with the Dolomites in Italy and look at the most elevated parking areas.

The highest place to park your car in the Dolomites is located in the iconic Tre Cime Natural Park at an elevation of 2,363m (7,753 ft) above sea level in front of Rifugio Auronzo. In order to reach the parking lot by car you’ll have to pay 30 euros, yet it is totally worth it.

A view from Auronzo mountain hut with a parking area nearby
A view from Auronzo mountain hut with a parking area nearby

In fact it is as awesome as in “Solo: A Star Wars Story” movie, when Bekket’s crew crashed their spaceship here.

Star Wars in Tre Cime

The next spot is totally free. It is a eerie-looking parking area at the Sella Pass - 2,247m (7,372) above sea level, between magnificent Langkofel and Sella towers.

The Sella Pass is between the Sella Towers and Langkofel
The Sella Pass is between the Sella Towers and Langkofel

But the highest parking area in Italy is not in the Dolomites. It is in Lombardy, the spectacular Stelvio Pass! At an elevation of 2,783m (9,130 ft) with a wonderful view of famous Ortles, this parking area offers views with stunning grandeur. In fact, slightly below the Stelvio Pass there’s the Umbrail Pass leading to Switzerland. It is the highest paved road in the entire Switzerland.

The Stelvio Pass
The Stelvio Pass

The second highest parking area in Italy is on the border between Aosta Valley and Piedmont at the Nivolet Pass. Yet, you cannot drive from one region to another. The road is reachable only from the Piedmont side, Ceresole Reale, and ends shortly after Rifugio Savoia.

Obviously, all these places are reachable by car only in summer time.

Now it is time to have a look at the US. The two highest parking areas in the US are on top of famous US fourteeners in Colorado. There is a parking lot near the summit of Mount Evans at an elevation of 4,315m (14,157 ft) and the other is at the very summit of Pikes Peak at an elevation of 4,300m (14,108 ft). So, at least there are two 14er parkings in the US!

In Canada there’s the Highwood Pass - the highest paved road in the country. The parking area is located in the middle of Hiker’s Paradise. The area is exceptionally rich in panoramic viewpoints and hiking opportunities. Trails from there go to the spectacular summit of Mount Rae, and through Highwood Ridge to Mount Tyrwhitt and Mount Pocaterra.

The Highwood Pass
The Highwood Pass parking lot with Kananaskis lakes in front of the ridge
The view from the summit of Mount Pocaterra
The view from the summit of Mount Pocaterra

What if we take a wider look and search for the highest parking area in the world?!

Try to guess… There are so many mountains in the world

Ok, the highest parking lot is near Uturunku volcano in the Andes in Bolivia. This is a place where you can park your car at the highest parking in the world at the whopping elevation of 5,757m (18,888 ft)!

Uturunku volcano 3d map

Start your car, warm up your engine, download the latest version of the PeakVisor, and find your next destination for an amazing mountain ride! See you at the very top!

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