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Here at PeakVisor we are committed to bringing great outdoors closer to everyone, making it more accessible and easier to navigate. That goes far beyond 3D Maps and Peak Identification software. We have recently started to serve a daily dose of mountain awesomeness through the brand new Peak of the Day widget. It allows you to see stunning mountains on your iPhone Home Screen. But there are other places in the mobile phone that can benefit from amazing peaks!

During the course of our test expeditions - our fancy name for team outings with the goal of testing a new version of the app - we get to amazing places which might be a perfect decoration for your iPhone lock screen and home screen.

Today we are proud to present a set of spectacular mountain landscapes particularly suited for being a scenic wallpaper and for keeping your app icons in a nice order.

How to change a wallpaper

Changing wallpaper on an iPhone is extremely easy.

  1. Find a wallpaper you like by scrolling this page.
  2. Long-tap on the wallpaper you like, then tap “Add to Photos”
  3. Open the Photos app, select the wallpaper you’ve just added.
  4. Tap the Share button in the bottom left corner and then “Use as Wallpaper”.

Voila, your phone has been pumped up with mountain awesomeness!

Enough of tech details. It is time to scroll through the majestic mountains.

Mountain Wallpapers

Lac de Moiry, Switzerland
#1 Lac de Moiry, Switzerland. Dent de Perroc is towering in the background.
Hoh Brisen ridge, Switzerland
#2 Hoh Brisen ridge, Switzerland.
Grassy trail in the Alps
#3 Grassy trail in the Alps.
Alpine flowers
#4 Alpine flowers
Lake Ritom, Piz Rondadura
#5 Lake Ritom, Piz Rondadura.
The Ligurian coast
#7 The Ligurian coast
Ridge Trail
#10 Ridge Trail.
Simplonpass, Hubschhorn
#11 Simplonpass, Hübschhorn.
A waterfall in the Alps
#13 A waterfall in the Alps.
Lago di Tom, Camoghe
#14 Lago di Tom, Camoghè.
Dent Blanche and Grand Cornier at sunrise
#15 Dent Blanche and Grand Cornier at sunrise.
Grand Cornier looming above Val d’Herens, Switzerland
#16 Grand Cornier looming above Val d’Herens, Switzerland.
Lac d’Arpitettaz, Schalihorn
#17 Lac d’Arpitettaz, Schalihorn.
Lago di Tom, Pizzo Tom
#18 Lago di Tom, Pizzo Tom. Who’s Tom?!.
Layers of mountains
#19 Layers of mountains.
Ligurian seaside
#20 Ligurian seaside.
Alpine road
#21 Alpine road.
Lac de Moiry
#23 Lac de Moiry.
#24 Besso.

Please let us know at if you liked mountain wallpaper and would like to have more of the mountain awesomeness just a touch away.

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