Japanese Mountains


Home to the world famous spectacular Mount Fuji and more than 8,000 other mountains, Japan is a special treat for any outdoor enthusiast. A warm subtropical climate allows extended hiking period, the oriental charm amplifies epic scenery leaving unparalleled imprint in your memories.

Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji

Be it scaling the highest point of Japan Mount Fuji or watching it from afar during cherry tree blossom and autumn leaf period - the impressions are unforgettable. By the way, the autumn color (koyo) season is around the corner. Early to late November is the perfect time for amazing photos. You still have plenty of time to book a flight to Tokyo!

Start your acquaintance with these mysterious mountains by looking at Japan country page on PeakVisor. We spent many hours finding the right words to match the scale and beauty of Japanese mountains. Even more time was spent on making sure that PeakVisor works flawlessly in Japan, and has the same level of detailing as in the European Alps and the USA.

If you want to get straight to the most famous mountains then, luckily, there’s a special list for you. Inspired by 100 Famous Japanese Mountains list which was composed by a mountaineer and author Kyūya Fukada we have added a new category to PeakVisor. Look for a special tag and learn what those mountains are special for! The list is very convenient as it contains mountains from all the major islands, mountain ranges, and regions of Japan. Fukuda, who had climbed many mountains in Japan, selected 100 celebrated national peaks based on a combination of grace, history, and individuality, excluding mountains with an altitude of less than 1,500m (4,921ft). When in Japan, looking for a nearest “Japan 100” mountain is always a good idea. See the full list of 100 Famous Japanese Mountains.

Most of Westerners are aware that there are the Japanese Alps. Consisting of three mountain ranges: Hida, Kiso, and Akaishi mountains, these oriental Alps are per se only three of the many mountain ranges in Japan. Also, there are many distinct volcanoes on Japanese islands. You can explore all major mountain ranges of Japan in a dedicated article. Don’t forget to teleport to the mountain tops and check the vistas!

PeakVisor 3D map of Mount Fuji
PeakVisor 3D map of Mount Fuji

That’s it for now! Time to go out and have some fun! (and probably pack the bags for some remote adventures.)

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