Travel Logbook

Travel Logbook

What is outdoor experience for you? We bet most answers would be to plan thoroughly and then just do it. Simple as that, you prepare for every hike or climb, you study the itinerary and you get that overwhelming feeling of completing a tough job. Yet, how about one more nonetheless important stage? We take it for granted, but keeping the precious memories of our achievements and failures is also essential. Most people keep those memorabilia just stashed in the phones as a bunch of unsorted photos. But that’s hardly a good approach.

We have oftentimes had situations and questions like this:

  • Do you remember that huge mountain with a ridge trail on a knife-like edge to the summit? The one with the namesake lake at the base where we camped the night before?
  • We camped hundreds of times over the years and traversed hundreds of awesome ridges together.
  • That one had a political name… gosh, I can’t remember.
  • Ah, that one. No, I don’t remember the name either.

PeakVisor Travel Logbook will keep all your hiking and climbing records in one place. Should you wish to recall the details of your hike or climb, it will always be there for you including the time, date, an optional photo and a text message to trigger your memory.

Travel Logbook was one of the most requested features from early on. A desire to check in on a mountain comes naturally after a tough climb and surrounding peaks identification. The idea is far from being new. The first summit registers (or summit books) appeared on the mountaintops more than a hundred years ago. You can see them all across America and Europe. Now PeakVisor provides a digital summit register for more than a million summits worldwide.

Valere in Vaud, Switzerland
Dent de Valere in Vaud, Switzerland - half an hour later after I hiked the ridge leading to the top and checked in on this panoramic summit

During our test expeditions we noticed that the most frequent final destination of outdoor adventures is not peaks but alpine lakes, mountain huts and passes. So, we decided that PeakVisor should allow checking on those wonderful destinations as well.

How to Use the Travel Logbook

It is dead easy to set up your Travel Logbook in PeakVisor. That’s the very first menu item. All you need is to sign in with Apple to create an account and keep your travel records safe. That’s it. You are all set up for the adventures. You may climb any peak and check in no matter how far the place is. PeakVisor Travel Logbook works offline as everything else in the app.

PeakVisor Screenshots Sequence
Screenshots Sequence

Having checked in to the places, you’ll have all your records in the Travel Logbook with all the necessary details. You can always teleport to that place and see the panorama and a 3D map immediately to remember your adventure or plan the next one.

Keep in mind that every check-in improves your rank and brings you closer to numerous achievements. The great hiking game begins! Start today!

Travel Logbook
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