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Selwyn Range

Located in British Columbia, the Selwyn Range is a subrange of the Park Ranges, one of the three main subranges of the central Continental Ranges. The Selwyn range is a small mountain range that is located west of Jasper National Park, east of Valemount, and south of Mount Robson Provincial Park.

The range was named after Alfred Selwyn, a British geologist and director of the Geological Survey of Canada.

Selwyn range

Rufus Hawthorne / CC BY-SA

The Selwyn Range contains just 20 named mountains. Jeanette Peak, the tallest in the range, reaches over 10,000 feet and was named after the USS Jeannette, an ill-fated Arctic exploration vessel that sank in 1879. Despite Jeanette’s proximity to Jasper, Alberta, its avalanche-prone valleys and rugged topography kept climbers from reaching its summit until 2018.

Several summits in the range, including Siberia Peak, Jag Peak, Mount Kirkuk, and Yellowjacket Peak, exceed 8,800 feet in elevation. Very little is known about these impressive peaks nestled in the Selwyn Range and this stretch of summits have remained largely undiscovered.

Major Hikes and Attractions

Selwyn Traverse

The Selwyn Traverse Trail is a 7-mile trek that wanders across several small creeks and through stunning cedar forests. The trail sits east of Valemount and is a little-known treasure tucked in the Selwyn Range. The Selwyn Traverse is known as a world-class, backcountry trail, but requires extensive route-finding and backcountry experience.

The Selwyn Range does not contain any major attractions or designated hiking trails. Nearby in Mount Robson National Park, however, there are several popular, well-marked trails, including the Berg Lake trail, Kinney Lake trail, and Snowbird Pass.

Major Cities and Resorts


Located on the divide between the Fraser and Columbia River, Valemount is the closest community to both Mount Robson Provincial Park and Jasper National Park. Though visitors often travel to Jasper or Banff when visiting the Canadian Rockies, Valemount’s quaint accommodations and local charm are beginning to draw more tourism to the region. Valemount is home to two heli ski lodges, including the Dave Henry Lodge, and a cat-skiing destination, as well as many miles of hiking and biking trails.

Valemount, British Columbia


Known as the “Gentle Giant of the Rockies,” Jasper is a tranquil mountain town teeming with outdoor adventure. The world’s largest dark sky preserve, Jasper is the perfect place for stargazing and, if you’re lucky, experiencing the aurora borealis. Jasper serves as the ideal place to explore the alpine terrain in Jasper National Park. In addition to year-round outdoor recreation opportunities, Jasper offers a variety of accommodations including reputable resorts like Pyramid Lake Resort, Mount Robson Inn, and Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.

Jasper, Alberta

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