PeakFinder vs PeakVisor


What are the major differences between PeakVisor and PeakFinder apps? We regularly get this question. Both products originated in the Alps, share the first 4 letters, and were designed to help orienteering in the mountains. In this article we will do our best to lay out the principal differences of the products, so you could have a solid reference before making a decision.

Both apps primarily identify mountains, both work offline and all over the world. PeakFinder was launched much earlier, somewhere around 2010. PeakVisor was released in 2016 and was first meant to identify peaks with Augmented Reality tools and also to process old photos. Both products are actively maintained and developed, so the comparison might get slightly outdated over time. If you notice important voids in our description then just let us know.

Major Advantages of PeakVisor

PeakVisor 3D maps
PeakVisor 3D Map mode
  • Probably, the most important advantage is 3D maps with hiking trails, which makes PeakVisor not only a mountain guide, but the most precise navigation tool for outdoor adventures. No more flat maps in the mountains. See the peaks reachable with hiking trails around you, make your route, and navigate to the best vistas.
  • PeakVisor uses a higher precision landscape model. It might not be visible in hilly areas like Toscana, Italy but in the Colorado Rockies, the Swiss Alps, and the Dolomites that’s huge. Just have a look at the screenshots and compare the precision of both apps. Higher precision maps come at the price of extra space required on your phone, but you can always disable HD maps or download them in small portions.
  • PeakVisor has more than a million mountains, PeakFinder claims to cover only about 600k.
  • PeakVisor provides not only information about a peak name and its elevation but a wide variety of additional information: topographic prominence, short description, mountain range, administrative entities, linked Wikipedia articles and photos. Also, there is data on castles, mountain huts, hiking trails etc.
  • PeakVisor is free to try during 7 days trial. There's nothing to loose, take it on your next hiking adventure and later decide whether you want to buy it or not.
PeakFinder vs PeakVisor

Now, let’s have a look at what PeakFinder has to offer.

Major Advantages of PeakFinder

  • PeakFinder consumes less power. It is focused on peaks identification and doesn’t provide a variety of extra features. So, if you are extremely concerned over the battery duration and don’t have a power bank, PeakFinder might be a better fit.
  • PeakFinder allows teleporting to a custom location. PeakVisor will launch this feature in the roadmap for this summer. Taken into account it is already August 2018, then it is very likely that by the time you are reading this the teleport feature is available in PeakVisor as well. (UPDATE: The PeakVisor Teleport feature was released in the end of August 2018)

If you have any other questions regarding PeakVisor and PeakFinder comparison then just let us know, drop us an email at We reply every one of them.

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