Hiking Wishlist and Custom Waypoints


No matter how detailed the map is chances are that in order to reflect all the aspects of outdoor adventure some tweaks are needed anyway. One of the most requested features was to add custom locations into the 3D map and highlight particularly important features. Those might be landing options for hang gliders, planned camping sites for backpackers, important reference points for trekkers, or spectacular photo spots for photographers. Everyone needs a personalized map of the outdoor places we love. Now you have it!

Mondeval Italy
One of our favourite photo locations - an overlook of the high-altitude plateau Mondeval in the Dolomites. Monte Pelmo is staring back at us in the distance.

Recently, we released the Custom Waypoints feature. It allows you to tag any feature on the map or add a completely new marker. You can organize your markers by 3 categories: a star, a flag, a bookmark. Additionally, every marker can be shaded in one of nine colours. You are free to choose what all the combinations mean. Red stars might be your favourite places, green flags might mean planned camping sites, you name it.

Lake Sgrischus
Late autumn. Lake Sgrischus is a little-known lake in Engadin region, Switzerland. Reflections of the mighty peaks like Il Chapütschin make this place one of my favourite photo locations.

There’s one special category of the markers available, and that is your sacred Wishlist. Those are special places you want to visit in the future. Someone may have told you about 100 Places to visit before you die and now you can make your own list of a scenic lake high in the mountains, a peak with a panoramic view, or simply a place you’d like to go in the future. One of such places for me is Lake Coldai at the foot of Civetta, one of the most beautiful mountains in the Dolomites.

Lake Coldai at the foot of Monte Civetta
Lake Coldai at the foot of Monte Civetta

Many of us have to stay at home these days due to COVID-19. Why not spend some time organizing your wishlist so when the lockdown is over you’ll have plenty of options up for grabs ready for your endeavours.

How to start using Custom Waypoints

Enough talking, let's do some practice. In order to start using Custom Waypoints please try these 4 simple steps:

  • 1. Teleport to any interesting location, e.g. Matterhorn, and find a nice spot on a trail you’d like to highlight. It might be a photo location or a picnic site.
  • 2. Long tap (a couple of seconds) on that spot to put a marker there. I’ve checked that the views of this alpine celebrity are spectacular from almost any spot.
  • 3. After you put a marker on the map, a small popover should appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap the star ⭐ icon to tag that location and then extend the popover using the Up Arrow icon. There you can name the spot, customize the tag icon and its colour.
  • 4. Should you designate the location as a Wishlist item, it must have a heart icon like on the screenshot below.
Screenshots of Custom Waypoint registration
Screenshots of Custom Waypoint registration

Custom Waypoints List

You can always inspect the list of your custom waypoints in the Local Search section of the app. There you’ll find all the items you tagged at the top of the list of mountains around you. Please note that the list is divided into the objects visible and not visible from the current location but your markers will come up before the local peaks either way.

Milos Island, Greece
A sunset photo spot on Milos Island, Greece - one of the candidates for your wishlist
3D Map of Milos Island
3D Map of Milos Island
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