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Winter sports are a huge part of our lives here at PeakVisor. For nearly half of each year, we think about adventures in the mountains in terms of winter gear and fun in the snow.

Thankfully, PeakVisor has a special feature to help you make the most of your time in the mountains this winter season: Winter Mode.

With Winter Mode, PeakVisor’s 3D maps will display all the known ski runs in your area. Additionally, when you turn on Winter Mode, the app will adjust its color palette to more accurately display what a region looks like in the winter.

Whatever your favorite winter sport is, PeakVisor’s Winter Mode has everything you need to get out and explore.

Skiing in Zermatt with PeakVisor’s augmented reality
Skiing in Zermatt with PeakVisor’s augmented reality.

So, how does Winter Mode work?

Starting early in September when the hiking season is still in full swing, our data team analyzes changes in ski resorts all over the world. We investigate whether ski resorts built new mountain lifts during the off season, changed their operating schedule, or moved their ski runs, among many other things.

PeakVisor’s team also constantly monitors hundreds of ski resorts all over the world. They always strive to get up-to-date answers to the following questions:

  • What lifts and cable cars are open in a region?
  • What are the operating hours of those lifts?
  • What ski resorts are open?
  • Are there any weather-related closures?

Every year, we monitor an incredible number of ski resorts around the world. We also try to increase our resort coverage each season. In November 2021 alone, we added more than a hundred ski resorts to our system!

Kronplatz live ski resort information in our 3D Map
Kronplatz live ski resort information in our 3D Map

When you view ski lift information in PeakVisor’s 3D maps, you’ll receive the following color-coded information:

  • Red Lifts – Currently closed
  • Yellow Lifts – Scheduled to open soon
  • Green Lifts – Operating right now

Until recently, information about ski lifts and gondolas was only available in the mobile app. But now we have all our data published on the PeakVisor website as well. You can now easily explore all the world’s major cable cars with the convenience of a desktop’s large screen.

Want the latest information on ski resorts near you?

The World Mountain Lifts page is a great place to start exploring ski resorts and available ski lifts. On that page, you'll see a global overview of all the ski resorts in our databases organized by country and by regions (e.g., states and provinces).

For example, here’s the real-time situation on the slopes of Colorado. By checking out that page, you can see what ski resorts are open and how many lifts are in operation at each resort. A quick check of PeakVisor’s World Mountain Lifts page can help you evaluate the available options for skiing and snowboarding wherever you are.

Colorado mountain lifts in real-time
Colorado mountain lifts in real-time

Detailed information about each ski resort can be found on that resort’s dedicated page. However, there are actually 2 pages for each ski resort:

  • Real-Time Overview – This page provides a brief overview of the real-time ski lift operations and trail conditions at a ski resort (e.g. Aspen Lifts Live). This is what you’ll see when you click on a resort on the World Mountain Lifts page.
  • Resort Guide – Each Resort Guide provides detailed information about a ski resort with insight about its history, operations, and facilities, among other top tips (check out New York’s Gore Mountain Ski Resort in the Adirondacks for an example). You can access these Resort Guides by clicking on the name of the resort in the Real-Time Overview pages.
Copper Mountain lifts in real-time
Copper Mountain lifts in real-time

All those great features that we’ve just discussed? That’s only the beginning for winter adventures with PeakVisor.

For 2022, we have a huge number of improvements planned to make your PeakVisor wintertime experience even better. Here are a few improvements to keep an eye out for in the coming years:

  • Avalanche risk information sourced from local forecasting agencies
  • Up-to-date snow cover information
  • Weather forecasts for popular resorts
  • 3D models of ski resorts on PeakVisor’s web page

That said, keep in mind that PeakVisor’s winter features are in their early stages. We do our best to keep everything as up to date and accurate as possible.

But if you notice any errors, such as missing cable car information, as you browse the app or website, please let us know. We’ll do our best to get this information corrected and ready for you to use as soon as possible.

See you on the slopes this winter!

Breuil-Cervinia Zermatt panorama
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