PeakVisor 2.0.5 presents alpine lakes

Mountain Lakes

Last week we started rolling out improvements that smoothly move the app into the so-called "Grand Release". It is based on our early tests and feels like the promising future of navigation and orienteering. Follow us in order to be the first to experience this grand future!

Lake Checrouit in Aosta Valley
Lake Checrouit in Aosta Valley

This week we continue bringing most important updates. Shortly after getting this update, you will be able to recognize water bodies on your camera screen. Mountain lakes are the source of endless inspiration for postcard-quality photos, alpine serenity, and chill-out from the Sun heat. Now, PeakVisor will render all the lakes in such a way that you won't miss even a tiny pond.

Lake Como in PeakVisor 3D Compass
Lake Como in PeakVisor 3D Compass

Also, we made our Virtual Reality compass even better: we have improved colour scheme and water bodies rendering.

Please, let me skip the boring part about the bugs found and fixed...

Finally, you could test all these updates on two completely new demo locations in the Alps. The first one is Monte Nuvolone above the legendary Lake Como (say Hi to celebrities owning villas here, visit James Bond and Star Wars shooting locations, and our HeadQuarters. Everything is here!). The second demo is near Lake Checrouit (Courmayeur) and it features one of the best views on the highest mountain in the Alps - Mont Blanc / Monte Bianco. Do you like these places? Would you like to see more?

Monte Nuvolone, Lake Como
Sunrise at Monte Nuvolone, Lake Como

That's it for now, but there's much more coming soon. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, get out and have some fun! ;-)

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