PeakVisor is a Peak Identification app. It allows you to label all the summits in your camera view as well as photos from past outdoor adventures. The app also features high-precision 3D Maps that are useful for planning and navigation in the mountains.

By default, PeakVisor presents information for your current location. But you can use the Teleport feature to explore mountains all over the world from the comfort of your own home.

Peaks Identification and 3D maps

NOTE: If you need the app to work offline in the mountains, you must download a particular map area in advance. You can do that by going to Menu > Map Coverage. Please refer to the Manage Offline Maps section of this tutorial for more details.

The best way to use this tutorial is to test the skills you learn in each section on a virtual demo location. This is precisely what these in-app demos are for. If you want to access Demo Mode to try out all the features of PeakVisor alongside this tutorial, navigate to Menu > Virtual Demos and choose the location you prefer.

For your convenience, you can also read this tutorial on a desktop computer at this link: https://peakvisor.com/tutorial_en.html

At any time during your PeakVisor journey, feel free to contact the PeakVisor team if you have a question, recommendation, or suggestion. Contact us by navigating to Menu > Talk to the Developer.

Happy trails!


Identify Mountains


The camera view for Mountain Identification is the default screen on the PeakVisor app. Here, you can identify all the summits around you by holding your phone’s camera up to the horizon line. From this screen, you can access the other features in the app.