PeakVisor is a Mountain Identification app which uses the “Augmented Reality” technology to add mountain names and other data about your surroundings to the image received from your phone camera.

Also, the app features high-precision 3D Hiking Maps. By default, PeakVisor presents information for your current location but you can use the teleport feature to explore mountains all over the world while sitting on your couch.

Peaks Identification and 3D maps

If you need the app to work offline in the mountains, then download a particular map area in the Menu → Map Coverage in advance! Please refer to the “How to Manage Offline Maps” section for more details.


How to Identify Mountains


Hold your device upwards to see the mountain(s) through the camera.

When you see the mountain through your phone, depending on the phone built-in compass and gyroscope, you might sometimes need to adjust the label positions by dragging 3D-panorama to match the mountain profile in front of you till full alignment. That helps to correct compass reading. Tip: It is a very convenient way to do that also by adjusting the sun location.


* On some devices like old iPads, panorama might take about half a minute or even a minute to upload, you can see the progress in the status message.


Once the mountain profile is adjusted, you can choose which panorama mode you want to use tapping on the icon in the top right corner:


Choose between the 3D terrain panorama, an outline, or only labels with names & heights.


You can zoom in with the pinch zoom gesture (two fingers zoom like in the Photos app) or with the zoom button in the bottom left corner.

Tap the labels in order to see more information about peaks and other objects. Please refer to the “How to get more info about mountains” section for more details.


How to use 3D maps

Having a high-precision terrain model of the whole world, PeakVisor allows exploring landscapes through interactive 3D maps. Our real maps have hiking trails, walkways, summits, mountain huts, viewpoints, and parking areas. There is virtually everything in this perfect tool to plan your outdoor adventure.

3D map

1. In order to open the 3D map, double tap on the compass at the bottom of the main screen. Also, you can do that by pointing your phone down and tapping the 3D map button in the top right corner of the screen.

2. Use two fingers touch to change your view angle, zoom level, or to rotate the map.

You can make routes in 3D maps. Tap on any object (summit, mountain hut, viewpoint) and make it either a start or a stop point using the “Route from” and “Route to” buttons. After that, you will see an elevation gain, route distance, and estimated time to complete.


How to Teleport to a Custom Location

Planning is the key to any fantastic outdoor adventure. PeakVisor is a perfect tool for location research and scouting. It allows modelling the landscape for any location even those far away from you. Just use the PeakVisor Teleport feature to get there in an instant.

The Teleport allows you to see a 360 panorama you would observe if being there. Also, the app will prepare a high-precision 3D map of that area, so you can fly above the mountains, see the hiking trails, roads, parking areas, and viewpoints. Other features, like hiking trails routing, are also available at the teleport location.

1. In order to teleport to any custom location please use Menu → Teleport.

2. On the teleport screen you can search for a particular mountain or tap on the map to choose the destination to teleport to.

You can also teleport to any summit from the mountain details screen using the Teleport button.


How to identify mountains in old photos

You might have some photos on your phone made in the days when you didn’t have the PeakVisor app. That’s not a problem! You can import any photo with a geolocation data into the app and it will help you to label all the mountains. This feature is available via Menu → Photo Import.