PeakVisor 2.1.4 iPad Pro, 3D map, and 867.088 peaks

iPad Pro
3D map

This winter is rich in weather surprises and anomalies. With most of Europe (even the southern part) covered by snow, we have been working hard to bring you important improvements, so you would be totally ready when the skies clear and show magnificent peaks in all their splendor to all the world.

Our new 3D map feature allows you to have a bird-eye view on surrounding landscape. The new version has improved image quality of the rendered landscape. Remember to double tap on the 3D compass next time to explore mountains in a new way!

PeakVisor 3D map at Mont Blanc
PeakVisor 3D map at Mont Blanc

It has been for quite a long time that PeakVisor has been developing the richest database of mountain peaks and points of interest, but that's not enough for our team! This time we are bringing the total count of peaks in the app to a whopping 867,088! All of them are in your pocket.

Speaking about pockets. Have you ever thought of bringing an iPad to the mountains? Recently, we have done the trick with our iPad Pro 12.9'. Despite an obvious drawback related to difficulties of pushing it into a pants pocket and carrying it after that, we found significant advantages of the enormous screen size.

Explore Mont Blanc with iPad Pro 12.9
Explore Mont Blanc with iPad Pro 12.9

After having a look at the mountains through the 12.9-inch screen it feels like looking through a panoramic window instead of peeping through a keyhole. So, to make iPad owners even happier we have improved tablets layout, added ProMotion support, and improved DisplayP3 support. If you have an iPad, try it in the mountains at least once, you are sure to like it ;-)

12.9-inch iPad Pro as an ultimate mountaineer gadget
12.9-inch iPad Pro as an ultimate mountaineer gadget

If you are as excited as we are, then please let us know and leave a review! That's it for now. It is time to get out and have some fun before the snow disappears!

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