PeakVisor App


PeakVisor app works all over the globe and our data team works non-stop on improving the data available in the app. There are several categories of data which we import in the app: landscape models, satellite imagery, and geographic names data.

Landscape Models

Over time after lots of experimenting and field tests, or better say alpine and hard rock tests, we have the following Digital Elevation Model datasets as a foundation. We constantly monitor improvements in existing data sources and availability of new datasets.

  • EU-DEM - European DEM by Copernicus
  • Copernicus Sentinel data [2018]
  • ViewFinderPanoramas - 1 Arc-second DEM data by Jonathan de Ferranti
  • USGS - 1 Arc-second Digital Elevation Model
  • USGS 1/3rd Arc-second Digital Elevation Model
  • ALOS World 3D - Global Digital Surface Model by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
  • swissALTI3D

Geographic Names

On top of terrain, PeakVisor provides information about particular features. The current set of supported feature types is the following: peaks, mountain huts, trails, cable cars, and castles. To implement this, PeakVisor uses the data sources provided below. Whenever possible, PeakVisor team contributes to improving the data.

Satellite Imagery