What's the name and the height of that mountain? Find out with PeakVisor.


Your Personal Mountain Guide

Here’s how it works...

3D Mountain Panorama

Your phone camera is augmented with a high precision 3D mountain panorama rendered for your current location. Its built-in compass can be easily adjusted.

3D Compass & Altimeter

PeakVisor includes a high-tech 3D compass and an altimeter, that accurately measures the elevation of any mountain peak that comes into view.

Sun Trail

A sun trail identifies the current position of the Sun, and is shown pictured on top of the camera view. It helps to adjust the compass and when planning your trip.

Offline Ready

All data can be downloaded for offline use. You don’t have to worry about cellular connection while you’re on top of the world!

Photo Sharing

Share more engaging photos of your mountain adventures. Our photo feature within the app allows you to send your favorite mountain horizon shots with our digital overlay, naming summits and providing their heights right in your photographs!

Detailed landscapes

Choose from a variety of mountain ranges in which to explore.

Professional User Testimonials


Coming soon... Something like this: «PeakVisor» — The most important application for the mountains.

April 1, 2017

If they are to write about us then it would be something like "A new app with augmented reality for those curious about mountains!"

The New York Times
February 29, 2017