What's the name and the altitude of that mountain?
Find out with PeakVisor.


Your Personal Mountain Guide

Here’s how it works...

3D Mountain Panorama

Your phone camera is augmented with a high precision 3D mountain panorama rendered for your current location. Its built-in compass can be easily adjusted.

Please take a look at interactive photo demos:

Offline Ready

Internet connection is not a prerequisite for the PeakVisor app. All the data is downloadable and ready for use no matter where you are or what altitude you might be reaching.

Available Worldwide

PeakVisor covers all the major and minor mountain ranges in the world. Our app is consistently growing to include more peaks and ranges that outdoors enthusiasts are passionate about.

Photo Sharing

Why don’t you let your friends and family in on the amazing adventure you are undertaking? PeakVisor has a photo option that captures the digital overlay of your horizon, completes it with names and altitudes of all the peaks in view. This just adds some zest and the feeling of accomplishment to a trip that is already exhilarating and confidence boosting.

Not only Mountains

PeakVisor knows not only 746.000 mountains but also shows all the castles and mountain huts it your area as well.

745.000+ summits
25.000+ castles
11.000+ mountain huts
2.000+ waterfalls

Sun Trail

The Sun Trail reflects the movement of the sun and is super handy in positioning the compass and advising photographers a perfect time for a snap.

3D Compass & Altimeter

PeakVisor includes a high-tech 3D compass and an altimeter, which accurately measures the elevation of any mountain peak that comes into view.

User Testimonials

Roberto Fusari
Roberto Fusari
Mountain Guide

One of the most common questions I hear is, ‘what's the name and the altitude of that mountain?’

Virna Pierobon
Virna Pierobon
Mountain Lover

As much as I love finding untouched areas in the Alps, I love knowing what I see in the distance and where to go the next time.

Giulio Masotti
Giulio Masotti
Climber & Freerider

At the top of conquered peaks, I see unique mountain panoramas. PeakVisor makes those moments even more delightful!


For almost forty years, Teamitalia has been working in the field of communication, event organisation and above all, managing the events dedicated to the mountains, among which are such film festivals as Sestriere Film Festival, Milano Film Festival, Swiss Film Festival, Alps, Verona Film Festival e Festival delle Alpi.
The Mountain Shelter Huts Portal aims to find extensive information about shelter huts and to help you book your high altitude nights easily and securely.
The project in collaboration with the highest altitude municipality in Italy is aimed at developing new augmented reality tools that would ensure best value leisure time in the mountains.